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The largest member of the deer family in the world, the moose may stand more than seven feet high at the shoulder and weigh as much as 1,600 pounds. Every month, the moose typically eats more than its weight in plants. The largest moose tend to live in the coldest climates because a larger body holds heat better than a smaller one. Long legs keep the belly 30 to 40 inches off the ground, allowing the moose to wade through deep snow, water and grass. Many adult white-tail deer could stand beneath a moose with room to spare. These legs also make moose deceptively fast; they have been clocked at 45 mph.

Males carry massive flattened antlers. The world’s largest known moose antlers spanned 77 inches and had 34 points. Bulls use their antlers as weapons during mating season battles. Sometimes when two moose lower heads and charge at full speed, their antlers become entangled and they both starve to death. After mating season each year, bulls shed their antlers. When the antlers start growing again, they are soft and velvety. The velvet drops off when the soft cartilage turns into hard bone.

The moose also sports a flap of skin and hair called a dewlap or bell, which hangs beneath its neck. Evident even in young moose, the dewlap may be a foot long in bulls. Moose hair, which varies from nearly black to light brown, is rough and brittle. Tiny air cells filling each hair provide excellent insulation during brutal winters. A stiff mane between the shoulders stands on end if something angers or alarms the moose.

Found in the northern latitudes of North America, Europe and Asia, moose can live 15 to 20 years. Before modern game laws and wildlife preserves, the moose was threatened with extinction.

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