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Over short distances, the cheetah can reach 75 mph, making it the fastest land mammal on earth. From a dead stop, this animal can go 45 mph in two seconds. But after sprinting a few hundred yards, the cheetah may collapse in fatigue, suddenly unable to defend itself.

There’s never any need to worry about being caught by a cheetah, though. No records exist to indicate that this even-tempered cat has ever attacked a human. The cheetah even lacks the threatening roar of other large cats; instead, it chirps like a bird or yelps like a dog. The easiest of the large cats to train, it has associated with people for over 4,000 years. Hunting with cheetahs was once the Sport of Kings.

The adult cheetah stands about 36 inches at the shoulder, measures six to seven feet from muzzle to tail tip, and weighs anywhere from 75 to 135 pounds. Males usually outweigh females. The yellowish-brown coat is marked with black spots. And a line shaped like a long, black teardrop runs down each side of the nose.

IIn their natural habitat of eastern and southern Africa, cheetahs hunt young antelope and other midsize mammals during the day. The conversion of African grasslands to farming and manufacturing areas has resulted in the dwindling of the cheetah population in the wild to fewer than 15,000 animals. This endangered species has been bred successfully in captivity, however, and zoologists intend to release some of these cheetahs into the wild.

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