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After gorging on an antelope, this leopard relaxes in a tree. The great cat typically drags its prey into the branches to keep it away from larcenous hyenas and jackals. Because the leopard often manages to bag animals larger than itself, it thinks nothing of returning to the tree several times for leftovers. Sometimes a leopard may store several kills in a tree at the same time.

The leopard has a strong appetite for hoofed animals, but in a pinch it will settle for monkeys, small reptiles, dogs, insects, and fruit. Once in a great while, some leopards even develop a taste for man. In the Himalayan foothills, a leopard once killed at least 125 people during an eight year period.

The leopard is such an efficient hunter that it can afford to rest as much as 20 hours a day. On the prowl, the leopard creeps very quietly, its spotted body blending into the surrounding cover. It usually remains undetected until the final rush.

Except for the wolf and man, no other mammal has a natural range over more of the earth than the leopard. This cat thrives in virtually any African or Asian locale that offers sufficient food and cover, including rain forests, deserts, wooded savanas and mountains.

Most adult males weigh 100–130 pounds. Lions and tigers, which may be four times larger, will kill a leopard if given the opportunity.

The female gives birth to two or three young in a secluded den. The helpless cubs, which weigh about a pound at birth, first open their eyes after 10 days. By the time they leave their mother 16 to 24 months later, they can spot moving prey a mile away.

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