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This member of the weasel family loves to cavort on both the land and in the water. River otters often playfully slide down muddy or icy banks into a stream. Once underwater, they close small valve-like flaps over their ears and nostrils to keep water out. This allows them to plunge to depths of up to 35 feet and stay there for as long as five minutes. Their sleek bodies and webbed toes help them maneuver through the water, where they usually catch their prey. River otters favor fish, crabs and crayfish, but they will also eat frogs, insects, snails and snakes.

Their constant grooming is more a matter of survival than vanity. Air trapped between their thick, oily outer layer of fur and an undercoat of shorter fur keeps the otter's skin dry and insulates against frigid temperatures. If an otter allows its fur to become flat, the air can no longer circulate, and the animal may freeze.

River otters live on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. They once inhabited waterways throughout the United States, but their numbers have dwindled because of hunting and trapping, loss of habitat and stream pollution. However, they flourish nearly everywhere they are protected because of their prodigious breeding habits; shortly after her litter is born, a female otter is ready to mate again.

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