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Lolling in stagnant or slow-moving bodies of water throughout the day, the hippo seems to epitomize laziness. Hippopotamus means “river horse,” and the animal relies on the water to keep cool and to protect its very thin epidermis from the sun’s rays.

After the sun goes down, though, the hippo becomes a hardy hiker and, sometimes, a ferocious fighter. The stubby-legged hippo may walk five miles in a solitary search for food after depleting the supply of aquatic plants. It often takes over 100 pounds of grass to fill up a hungry hippo, which may weigh over 8,000 pounds and measure 15 feet long by 5 feet tall. Among land animals, only the elephant is larger.

Hippos gather at the water in herds of 10 to 100 cows, presided over by a highly territorial bull. With razor-sharp canines that can grow longer than two feet, bulls leave deep gashes in their rivals’ brown or gray skin during fights that last up to two hours. Bulls that avoid death in battle may reach the age of 50.

Usually born underwater, the infant hippo learns to swim before it can walk. The single offspring, which weighs only about 100 pounds, can stay underwater for around 20 seconds, compared to as long as six minutes for a mature hippo.

The hippo once flourished throughout Africa, but its habitat from the Upper Nile to South Africa continues to shrink. The species is endangered.

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