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The Canada goose is the most widespread and best known goose in North America. During the cold winter months they live in the southern part of North America. Then every spring they return to breeding and nesting grounds in the northern United States, Alaska and Canada.

When not nesting, Canada geese live in large groups called gaggles or skeins. During the breeding season each pair, which usually mate for life, splits from the larger group. Nesting begins in March or April, depending on latitude and weather. The female chooses the site and builds a nest on the ground not very far from water. After the female lays the eggs, she will pluck soft down from her breast to insulate the eggs from heat and cold. The male remains nearby to help defend the nest. Both parents help raise each brood of five to nine goslings.

During the summer, when the young geese are half grown, the adults go through a molting period. They lose the main feathers on their wings and tail and become grounded. While in a flightless condition, they do not make much noise so that predators are less aware of their presence. Within a month or so, new feathers will replace the old and the geese will be ready for their journey south.

When flying long distances, Canada geese fly in “V” formations. The lead goose, and each bird behind it, “breaks trail” through the air to create “lift” for the bird that follows. When the lead goose tires, it rotates back into formation and another goose flies to the point position.

Their diet consists of grasses, certain water plants, and insects in spring and summer. During fall migration they seek out pastures and fields of corn stubble not too far from water.

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Canada Geese pencil drawing

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