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Small bird, big voice: That’s an apt description for the tufted titmouse. Usually 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 inches long, this mouse-colored bird with a tufted crest frequently cuts loose with a resounding “peter, peter, peter.” Additionally, it uses a “dee-dee-dee” call similar to that of the chickadee, a scolding “ya-ya-ya,” a variety of whispers, a warble, and, if its eggs are threatened, a hiss.

The nesting habits of the tufted titmouse also make it a conspicuous bird. To cushion the nest for its five or six eggs, this titmouse has the unusual habit of plucking hair from living mammals, including dogs, horses, woodchucks, squirrels, even humans. Sometimes, it hammers a damp leaf into a ball to serve as building material. Usually, the titmouse builds its nest in a natural cavity of a stump, branch or pole with an entrance hole less than two inches wide.

Given a choice, the tufted titmouse dines on insects. But it settles for a diet consisting largely of seeds and berries during the winter. It’s also a regular visitor to winter bird feeders, where it favors peanut kernels, sunflower seeds and the occasional doughnut. If you lack a feeder, you can attract it by smearing suet or peanut butter directly onto tree trunks and branches. In the summer months, you sometimes can lure a tufted titmouse out of the forest with a bird bath.

The tufted titmouse is easy to find in groups of two to six throughout wooded areas of the eastern United States. When not breeding, it often travels in small flocks mixed with other species.

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