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Because of its amazing aerial agility, the peregrine falcon is the favorite in the art of falconry. In a classic power dive (or stoop), an assailing peregrine falcon may reach a speed of 180 miles per hour, making it the fastest of nature’s creatures. Sometimes called the “duck hawk,” the peregrine falcon waits patiently until its prey reaches an acceptable altitude before rapidly flapping its wings, whipping them completely back, and plunging straight down. At such high velocity, an attack on a bird on or near the ground would be suicidal.

The fearless peregrine falcon, which usually weighs only one to two pounds, thinks nothing of attacking a four-pound goose. Rather than using its talons to attack, this falcon typically whams prey with its feet. Upon impact, its victim often loses both consciousness and plenty of feathers. Sometimes the peregrine falcon retrieves the incapacitated bird in midair, but more often it waits for its kill to fall to earth.

A male will air-drop kills to the larger nesting female guarding a brood of three to five chicks. In open country, the peregrine falcon prefers a nest on a rock cliff, but increasingly this species has become citified, settling on skyscraper ledges and bridge supports. Found throughout most of the world, the peregrine falcon migrates only if its food supply does.

The pointed wings may be twice as long as this 15- to 20-inch bird. A blue-black cap and “sideburns” fade to dark gray on the upper parts. The under parts are barred and spotted with brown.

Text © 1997 Terry White, Drawing © 1997 Bill Harrah

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